AntiARP 6.0

AntiARP can detect, intercept and block ARP spoofing attacks
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ARP poisoning, also known as ARP spoofing, is one of the most common types of security attacks, mostly because ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) is a widely used protocol for resolving the layer of the network address. AntiARP is a security tool that can detect, intercept and block ARP-based attacks.

Though mostly created to be used by network administrators, AntiARP is quite easy-to-use and, therefore, can be used without any problem by any kind of people, including novices. Its interface is simple and self-explanatory.

The large number of settings and the handy additional features are also truly appealing. The fact that it can also protect against DOS attacks or the possibility of cleaning ARP-based viruses that already infected a network or a system are just a few examples of these cool extra features.

I personally like the additional protection functions that this tool provides, such as the protection against unwanted system time changes, the one for the Internet Explorer startup page or the ARP cache table protection. It can also monitor and repair the local ARP cache table automatically.

In conclusion, AntiARP is a good choice if you want to prevent any ARP-based trouble. It’s simple-to-use and it doesn’t lack any feature or option that you could need from a program of its kind.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can monitor and repair the local ARP cache table automatically
  • Includes additional protection modules (for IE start page, for system time, etc.)
  • Offers a simple and neat interface


  • Alert via email not available in the Personal Edition
  • The installation process takes quite a while as it includes the installation of proprietary virtual drivers
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